El Clasico Tradition: Red Card(s)

Image via Daylife/GettyImages

No, we were not surprise when we saw the red card. This has already became part of the El Clasico, hasn’t it? The game went on just fine with some really beautiful football, but as usual, something just has to happen in the end. Sure the Ramos incident last season is still fresh in everyone’s mind, and well, welcome to the El Clasico world, Cesc. When everyone are supposed to be delighted about Fabregas debut for Barcelona, the former Arsenal captain sadly became the trigger for the incident. Marcelo challenged on Fabragas dangerously with a two-footed tackle near the touchline, and everyone at the Barca bench area jumped on to the pitch. Then you know what happened next, everyone rushed to that area started pushing and shouting and poking eyes. Three red cards were shown, one to Marcelo for the tackle, one to Ozil for falling on Fabregas after he went down (not too sure about this, could be his reactions in the row) and one to Villa for his reactions in the row.

trio(cesctwitter)We don’t like to see football went ugly, but it seems to be a tradition now whenever Barcelona plays Real Madrid. The good thing is, the trio finally had their reunion and Fabragas won his first trophy with Barcelona in his debut.

We just hope that, like a lot of Spain national team fans may have worried, these incidents will not affect the harmony in national team. Because, captain Casillas looked pretty furious after the game.

Despite the two Spanish Super Cup games had played according to schedule, the La Liga opening fixtures may have to postpone due to players strike. Both football leagues seem to have a bad start, Premier League was in doubt due to riots in England and now La Liga. The Spanish professional footballers’ union (AFE) had failed to reach an agreement with Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP), and were planned to meet again on Friday to talk about protection in players’ wages. Players will go on strike for the opening two weeks of 2011/12 season if the two parties failed to have an agreement before the weekend. Dilemma here huh? We want our players to ensure their rights, at the same time, we want to watch some football too. Thoughts on this?

Image via Fabregas Twitter



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